Who is Eligible For an FHA loan? – Best FHA Loan

The Federal Housing Administration provides private loans to extend ownership to more Americans. Although the income and payment requirements for FHA loans are low, a borrower still needs to qualify based on credit and financial requirements.


There are five main types of loans: FHA first real estate loans, fixer loans, help for the elderly, energy efficiency loans and manufactured real estate loans. There is a variety of other best FHA loan programs, however, such as the Next Good Neighbor Door Sale Program for Teachers, Fire Fighters and Public Service Agents. Look in the programs on the HUD website for more information.


The purpose of FHA loans is to help homebuyers who are good candidates for mortgages to overcome small challenges. For example, a first-time homebuyer can have a high income and a good credit but miss a down payment, and the FHA can help with its very low payment program. The purpose of the best FHA loan program is not to help those who are not qualified for homeownership; it is designed to make the property more accessible for responsible borrowers.


The FHA defines a responsible borrower as someone who:

  • A history of stable employment
  • Has a stable income, preferably increasing in the last 24 months
  • Is free of any bankruptcy filings of Chapter 7 or 13, in the last two years
  • Has not been foreclosed for three years

Has a globally high balance sheet of FHA loan repayments, including a lack of tranche defaults and revolving debt.

What is the FHA 203K Streamline?

Buying and financing a home through a Federal Housing Administration-approved lender requires good credit, regular income within designated guidelines, and the patience to navigate the endless amount of paperwork. The Federal Housing Administration oversees several single-family mortgage FHA loans, including mortgage and mortgage 203 203 mortgage simplified programs.

FHA 203 simplified mortgages

The simplified 203 mortgage is a limited repair plan allowing the buyer to finance up to an additional $ 35,000, which is added to his mortgage to cover repairs, upgrades or home improvements. The homebuyer has easy access to money for repairs and improvements that have been identified by the approved FHA home appraiser or inspector.

Eligible improvements

The program is designed to help the homeowner easily rehabilitate a home where construction consultants, engineers or architects are not required. Eligible improvements for FHA Loan include roofs, HVAC systems, plumbing or electrical upgrades, parquet flooring, minor kitchen or bathroom remodeling not involving structural repairs, weatherization, replacing old appliances, lead-based stabilization of the painting, repairing or replacing exterior decks, terraces and porches, basement finishing or remodeling, replacing windows and doors, repairing septic or replacement tanks, painting and minor cosmetic changes.

Cost Repair Limits

Considering the cost of minor repairs, materials, and labor, the maximum amount that can be added in a mortgage is $ 35,000. The Simplified Program was created to help homeowners repair and rehabilitate older homes, making them more energy-efficient. If the cost of repairs exceeds $ 15,000, the owner is required to obtain an inspection by an FHA approved inspector at the end of the project.

Evaluation requirements

Program funds can be used for repairs or improvements that have been listed, as well as repairs that are not included in the initial home inspection or evaluation report. The buyer should provide the evaluator with a detailed list of proposed improvements with cost estimates so that a post-repair value can be determined.

Paying contractors

The program states that no more than two payments are made to each contractor or owner if they are doing the work themselves under a self-help arrangement. Keep in mind that as part of the self-help feature, the homeowner has not compensated for his work, only for the cost of materials and building permit fees or incidental expenses. FHA advises the home buyer to put in place a payment schedule to facilitate the release of funds.

Application process

To apply for the FHA Streamline 203 Mortgage Program, claims must be submitted by an approved FHA lender.

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